Bright Eyes


Photo by Tim Syrota

Mothers and their children at an outpost of Karen Women Organization (KWO), a refugee organization on the Thai-Burma border. KWO has a membership of more than 49,000 women operating in seven refugee camps with the mandate of empowering Karen women and their communities. World Education has provided grants and technical support to the KWO in the areas of special needs and adult literacy.

Promoting Literacy Nationally and Internationally Award

Promoting Literacy Nationally and Internationally Award

World Education is pleased to announce that Silja Kallenbach has been named the Promoting Literacy Nationally and Internationally Award recipient for 2014. Presented by the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE), the award honors an individual who has a distinguished record of achievement in promoting literacy at the national or international level.

Read more about Silja’s work promoting literacy.

Quick Question

5026Photo by Jon Crispin

In this photo from 2005, a student in the College Transition Program (part of the larger program Read Write Now!) asks his teacher a question. This program works on improving and addressing adult literacy and education, which are issues that World Education works extensively on both domestically and internationally.

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