Story Time

Photo by World Education staff

That looks like a real page turner!  Students in World Education’s ConnectEd program in China listen attentively as their teacher reads them a story book. World Education partners with the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation in seven countries across the globe to implement the ConnectEd program, which helps disadvantaged youth achieve better learning outcomes.

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Blast from the Past

Bandung, Indonesia – 1964

We’re traveling back to the ’60s with this photo!  It depicts a National Training Centre in Bandung where teachers received a year’s training in community education, and then became village community supervisors after completing the training.

Today–46 years later–World Education Indonesia supports disadvantaged youth through the ConnectEd program; helps reach Indonesia’s teachers, administrators, and students through the PRIORITAS program; and aims to reduce poverty by providing low-income people with microfinance opportunities through Good Return.

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