Book Club

Photo by ConnectEd India staff.

A group of girls study together at a ConnectEd Retention Center in Harola, Noida in India.

In India, the ConnectEd program trains girls with new life skills and information communication technology (ICT) classes that help them secure decent work opportunities.

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All Smiles


Photo by Chuanpit Chua-oon

A former World Education staff member with students from the GATE (2006-2009) program in Bihar, India, which worked with three local NGOs to improve life options for adolescent girls through educational, health, livelihood and policy interventions.

Today, World Education continues to further education opportunities for disadvantaged youth in India by implementing the ConnectEd program.  ConnectEd helps students achieve better learning outcomes, develop skills that will make them better prepared for the world of work, and become more active in their communities.

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Happy Halloween!

Photo by Chuanpit Chua-Oon

This girl dresses in costume for a performance in India as part of the International Partnership Network South India Learning Week.

World Education’s three-year South Indian Girl Child Initiative aims to increase life options for 1,000 vulnerable girls each year through direct interventions and upwards of 6,000 through secondary services.

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New Raincoats

Photo by Katie Martocci

These AGSP scholars in Benin are ready for showers in their new raincoats!  World Education partnered with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement the Ambassadors Girls Scholarship Program (AGSP) throughout sub-Saharan Africa from 2004 – 2011.

World Education managed the program in 13 West African countries in collaboration with local NGOs.  AGSP provided more than 188,000 scholarships to cover educational costs for 73,000 girls and boys who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, orphaned, and/or affected by HIV and AIDS.

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Puppet Show Prep

Photo by Paul Wager

Now that’s one colorful puppet! Students in Laos put on puppet shows to teach one another about the dangers of unexploded ordinances (UXOs).  The puppet shows are just one component of World Education’s work in Laos to aid UXO survivors and educate those at risk for UXO exposure.

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Girls in Cambodia

Photo by World Education staff.

A Cambodia girl thanks her teacher.  World Education first began working in Cambodia in 1991.  Over the past two decades, World Education has worked to improve quality of education, increase access to education for minorities and girls, incorporate life skills education into classroom curricula, and pioneer work on child labor issues in Cambodia.

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Reinvesting in Families

When women and girls earn an income, they reinvest 90% of it into their families.

Photo by Katie Saul, World Ed staff

Girls from the Ambassador Girls’ Scholarship Program (AGSP) in Mali take a break from learning to laugh for the camera. World Education implemented AGSP from 2004-2011 in 13 West African countries, providing over 188,000 scholarships to help disadvantaged children go to – and remain in – school.

When women and girls earn an income, they reinvest 90% of it into their families. Read more about the power of educating girls in a new blog from the AGSP director, Khadi Coulibaly.

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