Paper Prayers

Paper PrayersPhoto by Robin Hammond.

Paper Prayers provides psychosocial support to children by helping them to cope with loss and other stresses related to HIV and AIDS. It also helps them connect with other children and adults who can provide ongoing support and comfort.

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Smiling in Yellow

Smiling in Yellow in UgandaPhoto by Janet Barry.

Smiling community member in Western Uganda, working with the Bantwana Initiative. The Bantwana Initiative works with local communities and small organizations to support AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children grow up to be healthy adults.

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Couples Counseling

Photo by John Donnelly

This husband and wife were participants in World Education’s former UPHOLD initiative, which used married couples such as these two to persuade villagers in Uganda that they should remain faithful to their partners to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. The two were taught by the Uganda Reproductive Health Bureau in Buguri, Uganda.

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