Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring guiding grade 2 kids how to play reading game on tablet in Siem Riep

TRAC’s reading toolkits include many games and learning materials that correspond to the national textbooks and TRAC benchmark system while also making learning fun. Students use the reading games to practice their reading skills during breaks throughout the school day.

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Reading Game

Literacy Coach explaining how to use reading game when parents came to borrow in Siem Riep

A Literacy Coach teaches parents how to play a learning game included in TRAC’s reading toolkits. Literacy Coaches play an important role in coordinating the different components of TRAC, including parent engagement. Parents are encouraged to check out reading games and materials from the school library so that their children can practice reading at home.

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Literacy Game

Literacy Coach showing kids how to play reading game on tablet in Kampong Cham

The Total Reading Approach in Cambodia project‘s Literacy Coaches work with students in developing their reading skills.

The mLearning game that TRAC developed, Aan Khmer, corresponds with the national curriculum and TRAC benchmark system. It is an engaging way to help students develop their reading skills.

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Refresher Training

Benchmark refresher training in Siem Riep

World Education’s TRAC program collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport to develop reading benchmarks for the national reading curriculum in Grades 1 and 2. TRAC trains teachers in partner schools in how to use these benchmarks and assessments.

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