Mothers Meet


Photo by Betsie Frei

Mothers from Benin and Senegal share an exchange visit organized by World Education in Benin.  Women from Senegal’s Rural Association Against HIV/AIDS (ARLS in French) visited three schools in Benin to learn about mothers’ associations, which allow mothers and other women in the community to gain decision-making power in school management issues.

Congrats to our Story Contest Winners!

Congrats Mothers

Design by Arielle Winchester.

In honor of Mother’s Day 2013, World Education invited mothers to share their stories of returning to school as an adult.  We selected 12 winners out of more than 250 entries from across the United States.

We hope their efforts to improve their lives through education will inspire you as much as they inspired us.

Read the 12 winning Mother’s Day Stories!

Educating Mothers

Photo by World Education staff.

The Bantwana Initiative, a World Education program, helps local communities in sub-Saharan Africa support orphaned and vulnerable children affected by HIV, AIDS, and poverty.  This mother embraces her two children in Tanzania, where Bantwana works at the community level to create an integrated network of essential service provision for vulnerable children and families in the Manyara, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, and Arusha regions.

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