Mothers Meet


Photo by Betsie Frei

Mothers from Benin and Senegal share an exchange visit organized by World Education in Benin.  Women from Senegal’s Rural Association Against HIV/AIDS (ARLS in French) visited three schools in Benin to learn about mothers’ associations, which allow mothers and other women in the community to gain decision-making power in school management issues.

On the Air

On the AirPhoto by World Education staff.

Inside the studio of Gindiku FM in Senegal. The station is run by women, who receive training on recording, creating, mixing, and broadcasting radio spots on a variety of topics, including women’s access to land, access to credit, and civic rights, part of World Education’s Women’s Leadership and Civic Journalism project.

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Respected Elder


Photo by Eugene Da

The woman pictured here is Queen Ousseye, a community leader and government representative in the Casamance region of Senegal. After decades of conflict in the region, the World Education program Peace in the Casamance established and trained committees to help the communities promote peace and reconciliation activities.

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