Bright Eyes


Photo by Tim Syrota

Mothers and their children at an outpost of Karen Women Organization (KWO), a refugee organization on the Thai-Burma border. KWO has a membership of more than 49,000 women operating in seven refugee camps with the mandate of empowering Karen women and their communities. World Education has provided grants and technical support to the KWO in the areas of special needs and adult literacy.

Freedom of Speech

Democracy Wall

Photo by Erin Shea.

This “democracy wall” is a place where students can voice their opinions about the world around them, while at Wide Horizons, which works with young adults displaced from Burma to expand their English, communication, and professional skills to help them go back and work for organizations within their communities.

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Photo by Sarah Bruinooge

A young Burmese migrant boy is shy in front of the camera at a migrant school near Mae Sot, Thailand.  Through the Project for Local Empowerment (PLE), World Education works to increase access to and quality of education for Burmese refugees and migrants living in camps on the Thai-Burma border.

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