Nepal 1993

Nepal 1993Photo by World Education staff.

World Education/ Nepal has maintained a continuous presence in Nepal since 1976. World Education’s portfolio of projects include educational innovations in formal and nonformal education systems, including the areas of child labor, health, peace building, microfinance and livelihoods, and sustainable agriculture.

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Phone Call


Photo by World Education staff.

This cocoa farmer from Ghana is representative of many of World Education’s recent programs that are utilizing mobile technology. One of these, Ghana’s CocoaLink, successfully used this technology to communicate agricultural and social information to cocoa farmers at a very low cost.

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CocoaLink expands to Cote d’Ivoire


Photo by CocoaLink

Wonderful news!

The US Agency for International Development recently awarded a grant to the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) to launch the CocoaLink+ program in Cote d’Ivoire with World Education and its partners. World Education’s existing CocoaLink program, funded by WCF and the Hershey Foundation, uses mobile technology to communicate important agricultural and social information to thousands of cocoa farmers in Ghana.

CocoaLink+ will pilot the Ghana program model in Cote d’Ivoire, Africa’s largest cocoa producer. World Education has partnered with Cote d’Ivoire’s Le Conseil du Café-Cacao, the Grameen Foundation , and Orange Telecommunications Company to roll out CocoaLink+. The program will eventually be handed over to the Cote d’Ivoire government.

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