Paper Prayers

Paper PrayersPhoto by Robin Hammond.

Paper Prayers provides psychosocial support to children by helping them to cope with loss and other stresses related to HIV and AIDS. It also helps them connect with other children and adults who can provide ongoing support and comfort.

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Food Delivery

Food hamperPhoto by Erin Shea

Bantwana staff deliver food hamper supplies to schools.

The Bantwana Schools Integrated Program (BSIP) delivers basic food and household supplies to Gilgal High School for the neediest families of orphans and vulnerable children. This program supplements the families while Bantwana works to build permaculture gardens for the families, so they will have a sustainable supply of food.

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Bantwana means Children

Swaziland childrenPhoto by Bantwana.

Students at one of the Bantwana Schools Integrated Program (BSIP) schools in the Lubombo region of Swaziland. This grassroots effort works in four countries of sub-Saharan Africa where AIDS has been particulary devasting. Bantwana (‘children’ in Zulu) helps children orphaned and made vulnerable by AIDS access the full range of support and comprehensive care they need to grow into healthy adults.

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School Assessment

Mult Sectoral School Assessment TanzaniaPhoto by World Education staff.

In Tanzania, World Education’s Bantwana Initiative provide multi-sectoral school assessments to  improve the well-being of most vulnerable children by using schools and school communities as an entry point to provide them with comprehensive services.

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Health Assessment

health assessment in schoolPhoto by World Education staff.

This school girl is receiving a health assessment from the USAID-funded Children First project in Zimbabwe. This project is implemented by the Bantwana Initiative. This activity is part of the Children First health assessment program. Volunteer nurses, and nurses from local clinics go into schools and assess the health status of kids.

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Smiling in Yellow

Smiling in Yellow in UgandaPhoto by Janet Barry.

Smiling community member in Western Uganda, working with the Bantwana Initiative. The Bantwana Initiative works with local communities and small organizations to support AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children grow up to be healthy adults.

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