Mobile Learning Van

Mobile Van Reading Program 4Photo by World Education staff.

In China, World Education’s ConnectEd project works with migrant schools around Beijing and Shanghai that have insufficient teaching facilities.

For those migrant schools that do not seem able to absorb a computer lab or afford new books and tools, ConnectEd has a mobile van filled with books and hardware that provides digital access and library resources to multiple schools on a weekly basis.

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Helping Girls Become Women

ConnectEd helps girls become strong, prepared womenPhoto by ConnectEd.

A ConnectEd China student participates in an occupation awareness class, to develop the skills Estelle descripes to help her get ahead. Since its inception, ConnectEd has reached 17,866 youth, 61% of which are girls.

“Common to all of us implementing ConnectEd is the belief that helping disadvantaged youth secure decent work and get ahead, is not just about teaching specific technical work skills or about getting these youth through school. It’s about helping these youth to develop skills like decision-making, problem solving, communication skills, team work, planning, self-confidence, self-awareness, and leadership.”
– Estelle Day, ConnectEd Program Director

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