Nepal 1993

Nepal 1993Photo by World Education staff.

World Education/ Nepal has maintained a continuous presence in Nepal since 1976. World Education’s portfolio of projects include educational innovations in formal and nonformal education systems, including the areas of child labor, health, peace building, microfinance and livelihoods, and sustainable agriculture.

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Blast from the Past

Bandung, Indonesia – 1964

We’re traveling back to the ’60s with this photo!  It depicts a National Training Centre in Bandung where teachers received a year’s training in community education, and then became village community supervisors after completing the training.

Today–46 years later–World Education Indonesia supports disadvantaged youth through the ConnectEd program; helps reach Indonesia’s teachers, administrators, and students through the PRIORITAS program; and aims to reduce poverty by providing low-income people with microfinance opportunities through Good Return.

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