Language Integration

This language integration program helps migrant students keep up in school.Photo by Tim Syrota.

This is a Migrant Education-run school with 280 students and 14 teachers. Twelve of the Burmese students are in an integration program where they took intensive Thai classes for 1-2 hours a day so they could keep up with other students!

The school uses curriculum developed by World Education, including an English curriculum used for the past 5 years.

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In Line

In line at the Education for All celebration

Children in line at the Education for All Celebration at the Rocky Mountain Learning Center on January 14, 2010. The SHIELD project provides access to essential health services and education for migrants, refugees, and other displaced persons from Burma who are living on the Thailand-Burma border. World Education implements the education component of the SHIELD project. World Education’s programs provide access to quality education for these vulnerable populations through resource support, developing the capacity of local organizations to support education, and empowering communities and their education systems.

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Mobile Learning Van

Mobile Van Reading Program 4Photo by World Education staff.

In China, World Education’s ConnectEd project works with migrant schools around Beijing and Shanghai that have insufficient teaching facilities.

For those migrant schools that do not seem able to absorb a computer lab or afford new books and tools, ConnectEd has a mobile van filled with books and hardware that provides digital access and library resources to multiple schools on a weekly basis.

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